People Counting

DataChip provides a unique range of infrared-based people movement counting solutions that accurately count the pedestrian’s traffic movement. Our people counting solution solves various traffic movement-monitoring challenges for various types of environment including office premises, shopping malls, hotels, events, and exhibitions, and its models can be used indoors and outdoors.

Product Advantages

  • Since the sensors emit on their own and do not depend on external illumination. Device able to operate in any lighting conditions
  • Embedded software – Due to its integrated people-counting firmware, the sensor does not require any additional software to capture and process the data
  • Integrated audible alarm – Any predefined threshold is met at any premises, devices alert the concerned team
  • Cloud-based analytics provides users to monitor real-time data on the visitor footfall

Easy Installation – The device is small in size and weight and can be easily installed in minutes at any place

Benefits you gain from our People Counting

To make compelling business choices, you need to have great insights – and that’s what the DataChip people counting device gives. Exact and reliable footfall estimations permit you to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Track visitor footfall and their conversion rate of visitor to buyers
  • Effectively manage your premises by implementing the right protocols
  • Shopping malls. Retail Outlets can adopt appropriate marketing strategies based on the visitor footfall