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DataChip Inc.

uScann is a most advanced and innovative product from DataChip. DataChip is a Delaware based corporation incorporated with a vision to build the most advanced IoT (Internet of Things) products. Promoters of DataChip bring more than 20 years of industry expertise in developing the innovative and niche software products considering the current needs of the industry

Until now. Enter uScann.

The post-COVID19 world has shaken our routines and safety trust to the core. As the world continues to adjust and make spaces safer, uScann is helping employers and building managers during this process. uScann designs smart interconnected thermal scanners that give decision makers detailed data and scalability to improve staff and visitor safety and fix inefficient use of space.


Real Value

Waveform Concept Design

Our Vision

A safer world for everyone, with smart interconnected environments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create artificially intelligent products that become essential across all industries.

We’ve been Innovating for Years, We delivered Something Special, Again.

More Than Scanning
AI technology for highest accuracy, occupancy monitoring, cloud-based data with reporting and analytics.

 – uScann is extremely lightweight and durable to provide you with ease of placement.

Flexibility – Hang it or mount it. No training or assembly needed. Moreover, the cloud-based, enterprise-ready Open API system allows you to quickly deploy more units as you need them all collecting powerful data on the cloud.

uScann is the Only True DIY Intelligent and Enterprise Ready Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

Faster Install – The Only DIY Friendly, intelligent scanner with lightweight, flexible placement options. No training or assembly needed. Yes, that’s  awesome – but really how easy is it? Well, alternative options require professional I.T. techs, maintenance or even fork lifts to move and or mount and wire through your facility – uScann can run wireless, on bluetooth, wifi, and has battery or power cord options.  Easy.

More Intelligent Insights – Unlike handheld temperature scanners or other camera-based thermal scanners, uScann provides business managers with great insights from each scan, alarm trigger and in daily use. We offer solutions for overall building safety such as people counting, tailgating for employee time-tracking and building space use, scan and identify employees for future contact tracing and more. Email us for a brochure ([email protected])

Powered by State-of-the-art

Artificial Intelligence.

Scalability -The Only DIY Friendly Scanner

uScann is lightweight and durable to provide you with placement flexibility – hang it or mount it. No training or assembly needed.

More Than Scanning

Our AI technology offers the highest accuracy in body temperature readings. Additional product integrations include reliable occupancy monitoring so you know who comes in and out of an area or building. Offers cloud-based reporting and analytics.

Deeper Insights and Contact tracing

Our Open API system provides you with additional integrations and features such as a central dashboard to access data from the cloud that is synced with multiple networked scanners; historical and real-time security records, and staff identification for future contact tracing after an abnormal temperature alert gets triggered.