Hire Photogrammetry Experts

DataChip provides complete end-to-end photogrammetry solutions for our clients from drone data processing, analysis, and development or integration of web and mobile applications. DataChip has in-house engineers and software developers that has delivered numerous photogrammetry solutions across the globe.

Our in-house experts can deliver any type of photogrammetry services, including:

  • Drone data processing to generate outputs such as orthophoto, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), contour, 3D model, point cloud processing, and GIS.
  • Inspection and analysis of critical assets such as wind turbines, solar panels, transmission towers & transmission lines, chimneys, and flare stacks using high-resolution RGB and thermal cameras.
  • 3D model generation, GIS, and automated report generation, adjustment of the raw control data, analytical aerial triangulation control processing, photogrammetric data quality control, photogrammetric data translation

Why DataChip in-house experts for Photogrammetry services?
DataChip in-house engineers have years of experience in photogrammetry services. Our high level of technical expertise combined with our large staff enables the swift implementation of a dimensioned and efficient team, facilitating high-quality deliverables and adherence to deadlines.

DataChip offers the best consultants and experts in aerial data, image, and data processing. Our experienced photogrammetrists extract the highest value of your imagery and data, ultimately optimizing the return on investment of your aerial acquisitions.

We extensively review data quality throughout the process, offering a complete and rational approach to validate source data and all intermediate products (e.g., stereo-compilation, aerotriangulation, orthorectification).

Project Management
DataChip adheres to best management practices and selects the most accurate data production strategy using state-of-the-art technology. Our approach combines Prince2 and Agile/Scrum methodologies to deliver best-in-class results that best fit your changing business environment.