COVID Vaccination Status API

Our Unified API helps you retrieve the Vaccination status of any person with their consent. This enables the verification of any individual easy to manage, whether at a workplace, a transport hub, or a public place. We enable you to handle such issues at a local as well as global level.

We have done all the groundwork needed to connect with the county and provider to access the vaccination data, saving your time and effort. You just have to use our Vaccination Status API to unify the vaccination data from different countries and providers so that you can instantly integrate your app with many providers with a little code.

Our unified API makes it possible for your developers to connect with lots of different countries, eliminating the need to connect individually to each country’s API.

As part of our COVID Vaccination Status API catalogue, we have published COVID vaccination status for the USA, India, Peru, Brasil, Paraguay. We are adding different countries and providers regularly, as they are available.

Use Cases


  • You can easily verify every returning employee’s COVID-19 vaccination status before allowing them to return to work and mingle with the others on the floor
  • Ensure the safety of everyone at work and keep the premises free of the virus
  • Return to life as you knew it and resume full-scale operations

Travel, by Air & across Borders

  • Easily verify each traveler’s COVID-19 vaccination status to seal borders against the virus
  • Simplify the efforts to makes air and cross-border travel safe and secure
  • Enable economic revival and a return to normalcy

At an International Exhibition/Event

  • Industry events and exhibitions made it possible for companies to connect and transact business
  • Business development is heavily disrupted by the social distancing norms against travel and gatherings
  • Now you can return to business as usual when organizers allow safe entry using our Unified APIs to authenticate their visitors’ vaccination status.

For the Hospitality Industry 

  • Hospitality is affected severely by the pandemic and its unrelenting and repeated attacks.
  • Now, they can verify and ascertain their guests’ vaccination status by integrating our Unified APIs with their application and start doing business as usual.