Enhanced UI & Support

Client Business Overview:

A leader and innovator in the telecommunication industry, known for its spectrum equipment and spectrum management solutions

Business Challenges:

The existing code and UI are written in MFC Windows, and any new changes to the application need a long time to implement. In addition, the system does not support more frequent releases due to the longer development time with MFC windows.
As the application is being critical for their operations, the client has decided to outsource it to a potential partner for converting the existing MFC windows code to the most recent XAML windows

Solution offered:

Understanding the importance of the application to the client, our project team has meticulously carried out due diligence and delivered the following:

  • Migrated their entire MFC windows to new XAML windows.
  • The code also has interactions with different server-side components so we have used existing business logic which was written in VB6.0
  • UI Concept and 90+ screens development with latest UI and UX capabilities to their existing application
  • Configuration, Application maintenance, and troubleshooting the issues
Business Value Add:
  • With the inclusion of new XAML windows, the client can incorporate new enhancements easily
  • Highly Flexible and Faster time to market
  • Scorpio being their most profitable and important piece of software this upgrade enabled the client to have much more stable interactions with their clients.