Features Overview

Accurate Measurements

Non-Contact Body Temperature Detection

Face Detection

Capture Image

Detect Visitor or employee’s body temperature without any contact

Artificial Intelligence Based Face Detection to identify forehead and take accurate reading

Capture Image with the temperature record for future contact tracing

Detect Multiple People in the focus area

Out of distance range detection

Detect Multiple People in the focus area to avoid wrong readings

Detect the distance and bring subject into the recommended range for accurate reading


Email Alert

Receive Alert via email on an elevated temperature reading

Alarm Sound Alert

Receive alert with a customizable beep sound

Voice Alert

Receive Voice Alert in Male or Female Voice

Client & Portal Analytics

Employee Recognition

Automatically Tag Employees using AI based Face Recognition

Historical Data

Data Retained for further analysis and future contact tracing

Access to Analytics Portal

Analytics portal to generate reports and view dashboards

Data upload frequency from the device

Move data from the device to the cloud for auditing and historical reporting on frequent intervals or real-time

Consolidated reporting from multiple devices

Aggregate data from multiple devices (Ex: Front door, Employee Entrance etc.) and perform reporting

Role based access

Access to Multiple users based on their role and location


Support Wall Mounting

uScann can be wall mounted

Support Placement on Desks

uScann can be placed on hostess desk, reception etc. with a tablet stand

Custom Temperature Thresholds

Configure custom temperature thresholds

Custom Visual and sound alerts

Configure custom message to align with company’s workflow on elevated temperature detection

Integrations With Existing Systems

Export data

Export data in csv for additional integrations

Add custom data to the temperature record

Add additional data attributes such as employee ID to the temperature records for future contact tracing

API access

Access to APIs and ease of Integration with RESTful services


Webhook to push information for real-time integrations

Custom Branding For Your Device

Customize logo and other branding elements.