Wear the HealthBadge – Travel without any Hassles

HealthBadge is permitted to access health record information related to COVID-19 like vaccination status; laboratory results etc. and you can retrieve and store the health records as and when required

HealthBadge enables hassle-free travel as it meets the various regulatory requirements of many countries. HealthBadge accesses information from trusted sources like Government Vaccination centers, health data systems, national or local registries, and personal health records, and HealthBadge complies with the health screening requirements of various countries.

Features of HealthBadge
Health Records on the Go

Use the HealthBadge application as a repository of your COVID-19-related health information. It helps you to authenticate your laboratory results, vaccination status, and other health records for verification.

Trustworthy Sources

The Individual health records captured and stored by HealthBadge are highly trustworthy, as they are sourced directly from trusted Government Vaccination centers, health data systems, national/local registries, or personal health records.

Travel made Easy

Travel without any hassles as HealthBadge keeps you compliant with the health screening requirements of your country of origin as well as your destination.

Up-to-date Records

HealthBadge can halt the spread of the virus to new borders/geographies and stop its transmission, enabling global travel by uniformly tracking passengers’ health status.

Regulatory Compliance

This user-friendly application enables passengers to register themselves and update their information while any country of the world can ensure compliance with its local laws aimed at controlling the spread of the virus.

Travel Anywhere

With HealthBadge, we can reimagine travel in the post-COVID-19 world, providing the required confidence to travelers, citizens, and governments and reviving the travel industry.

Benefits of HealthBadge

Data Protection & Privacy

HealthBadge protects data and ensures its privacy and security by using only a minimum amount of personal data for any transaction, for a specific purpose, and only to the extent required and warranted.


HealthBadge is easily customizable and can be integrated into different types of workflows seamlessly, meeting regulatory requirements pertinent to the geography.

Automated Process

The use of technologies like HealthBadge, like QR codes or smartphones, makes the passenger check-in/checkout process simpler, efficient, and error-free.

Economic Revival

Revive economic activities by enabling the resumption of normal activities, including travel.

Use cases

Social distancing norms have affected normal business for everyone in different ways. By enabling normal travel, HealthBadge can make a difference to many of them, along with the travelers themselves.



A return to normal travel could stem the losses being faced by the Aviation industry and make it possible for people to resume their lives and plans with HealthBadge.


They can start issuing visas and passports to people and continue to protect the interests of their citizens, and visitors to their country, as HealthBadge offers the confidence needed.

Train Stations

Trains are synonymous with mobility for many, and the negative effects of the pandemic on their services can be mitigated, and people can access affordable travel again.

Bus Stations:

The severe impact on bus travel by COVID-19 can be lifted, bringing this mode of transport back into favor, thanks to the assurance offered by HealthBadge.

Movie theatre bookings

Opening theatres is not going to bring the audience rushing back in without the assurance of safety, and that is where HealthBadge makes all the difference.

Public shows/events (Concerts, etc.)

We all know that the show must go on, and HealthBadge will ensure the possibility, bringing fans flocking back to concerts and shows.