Ensure safe resumption of activities with uScann’s AI-powered Temperature Scanning Platform

Monitor all staff and visitors at the entry point to keep infectious diseases out with this enterprise-ready platform.

Empower Students

Enable students to self-regulate with on-campus displays and occupancy data integrated into their university mobile app. 

Ensure Safety

Monitor capacity in high traffic areas and trigger SMNS and native notifications when occupancy limits are reached.

Streamline Cleaning

Help janitorial staff schedule cleaning based on actual usage and avoid servicing areas have not been visited.

“We have reopened our campus, but reduced absenteeism and improved all-round academic performance using the World’s Smartest Temperature Monitoring Platform”

Self service

Students can self-regulate as they enter classrooms, dining halls and other busy spaces and pursue their activities even as the administrators focus on other tasks, unless uScann red flags one of them as running a temperature and in need of quick assistance and quarantining from the rest of them.

Conserve resources

Administrative staff are alerted only when there’s a need to intervene and can focus on more constructive activities and maintain social distancing to ensure their own safety.

Reporting and Analytics

uScann’s scanning data is stored in the cloud, and enables an infinite number of analyses which help administrators to study and analyze the patterns of movement and regulate the flow of traffic to different parts of the campus, to ensure everyone’s safety.

See how uScann can help you reopen your academic institution.