Legacy Fare Management System Modernization to Cloud

Client Business Overview:

A leader and innovator in the transportation industry, known for its fare boxes and fare management solutions.

 Business Challenges:
  • The client needed to replace its existing legacy fare management system. The application stores multiple layers of data in different databases and bears huge maintenance costs.
  • The existing application stack consisted of old technologies like PB, C, C++, and old Sybase version causing deprecated features to support, and unavailability of relevant resources to maintain the application
  • The existing system followed client-server architecture having obsolete design patterns and code was scattered across multiple layers / sub-applications, causing difficulties to manage code base and required technical resource skillset.
Solution offered:
  • Modernization of existing legacy application stack with a new design based on Java/J2EE technologies solution and using Cloud-based deployment architecture
  • Application modernization with lightweight code, serverless architecture to suit integration and scalability, more structured databases, and re-engineered business process with retaining 100% business functionality of existing GDS/NM systems.
  • A solution to enable and transform a single garage data system to integrate with other applications without PB and Sybase database.
Business Value Add:
  • Low-cost maintenance with the latest open-source technology stack.
  • Scalable and high-performance cloud-based Web Application
  • Faster deployments as compared to legacy applications where setup has to be run on multiple computers to install the application.
  • Less Infrastructure complexity compared with legacy applications like OS compatibility, DLLs, etc.,
  • Enhanced quality and accelerated ROI