Legacy Judiciary Management System Modernization to Cloud

Client Business Overview:

The client handles the entire Judiciary system for one of the African countries.

 Business Challenges:
  • The client needed to replace its existing legacy Judiciary management system for one of their leading customers in Africa, which provide automated case processing, payments, and communication through this online court system. The application architecture is ancient and not mobile-friendly.
  • The existing application stack consists of old technologies like ASP.NET, Web-services, and SSRS reporting tools causing deprecated features to support, and unavailability of relevant resources to maintain the application
  • The existing system was of client-server architecture having obsolete design patterns and code was scattered across multiple layers / sub-applications, causing difficulties to manage code base and required technical resource skillset.
Solution offered:
  • Modernization of existing legacy application stack with a new design based on .NET CORE API with front end as Angular with bootstrap and using Cloud-based deployment architecture
  • Application modernization with lightweight Angular code, serverless architecture to suit integration and scalability, more structured databases, and re-engineered business process with retaining 100% business functionality.
  • Developed a Power BI Reporting with a dashboard feature replacing the old approach of the SSRS reporting tool
  • Introduced DevOps Automated deployments process to reduce day to day manual work done by IT team
 Business Value Add:
  • Low-cost maintenance with the latest open-source technology stack.
  • Scalable and high-performance cloud-based Web Application
  • Automated deployments using DevOps to avoid manual error while designing infra enables a smooth platform for technology or a cloud migration
  • Less Infrastructure complexity compared with legacy applications like OS compatibility, DLLs, etc.,
  • The system can handle dynamic payment gateway with scalable architecture