Master Data Management

Unlock the value of your data with our end-to-end Master Data Management (MDM) Solution

Data Management is an integral part of any business and utilizing the data in the right way unlocks new business opportunities for any organization.

We at DataChip understand the challenges and the pain points faced by the organizations in dealing with the data and we provide the right solution for better business outcomes.

DataChip Master Data Management (MDM) solution facilitates your business with a single view of your data with features and capabilities to help you manage your data. Our MDM offers a wide array of business solutions that includes:

Address Verification

Check the validity and deliverability of every physical address from your data repositories

Data Profiling

Discover patterns and meanings in your data by analyzing the format, type, integrity, and several values ​​to determine the quality of your data.

Data Redundancy

Precisely identify and clean the data duplicates and remove them from your data repositories

Email Verification

Users can validate email address in real-time

Data Preparation

Users able to build data as required for their needs

Data Cleansing

Identify incomplete, incorrect data and replace, modify with accurate information across your data repositories 

Address Capture

Address capture solution predict the validity of address in real-time when a user enters each keystroke

Data Matching Software

The software uses proprietary and standard algorithms to Identify the highest-rated data matching software in the industry

Record Linkage

Enable users to find duplicate entries in large data sets and also it will allow merging two identical records into one

Benefits you will gain from DataChip MDM Offerings

  • Simple, Accurate, Cost-effective, and faster time to market
  • Improve operational efficiency by eliminating inaccurate data access across various departments, application landscapes
  • Eliminate capturing of the redundant data by automating the process
  • Centralize the data management and facilitate the data access only to the authorized people
  • Access to the data management with a role-based workflow-driven structure
  • Able to synchronize data with other departments, group companies