Panic Button

Protect your employees with our one-touch Push and Protect Panic Button

DataChip IoT based turn-key panic buttons is little push-button gadgets that can be worn on a lanyard or latched on by your employees. When the button is pushed, it will send text and email alerts with the pinpoint accuracy of distress location to a list of designated recipients such as security and emergency personnel. The alerts are updated every 10 seconds to communicate the accurate location of the person in distress.

Users can install DataChip panic button in guest rooms, common areas, elevators, stairwells, basements, service closets, parking structures

Some key points that make our product better than others are:

  • No site survey
  • No floor hopping
  • No cellular dead-zones
  • Easy to use
  • Compliance guaranteed
  • 24/7 nationwide, local support

How does it work?

  • Pushbutton is pressed – Employee push the support button, which initiates a request for assistance.
  • Locate employee in distress – Exact room and floor location, as well as the updated location for employees on the move
  • Incident report generated – a detailed incident report recording the team’s response is automatically generated.

Key Features

  • No floor hopping – Advanced algorithm guarantees floor level accuracy
  • Pinpoint indoor tracking – Beacon settings are fine-tuned to each room to prevent drifting
  • Outdoor GPS – GPS allows tracking even if the employee leaves the property
  • Real-time updates – Location updates and continues to track while the staff is on the move
  • Compliance Guarantee – We ensure compliance with local & state ordinances
  • Quick and easy installation – Normally, installation of solution completes in one day
  • 5-STAR PROMISE – We help companies keep their 5-star promise

What is included in the DataChip Panic Button Solution?

  • Cellular Gateways
  • Wireless Panic Buttons
  • Bluetooth Beacons
  • Mobile App and Web Dashboard License
  • Installation, Initial Configuration, and Training

 Use Case



Educational Institutions