Smart IoT products

Below are a few of our proven IoT smart products delivered to the client globally

Robotic floor plan printer:

Designed and Developed IoT based Robotic Floor Plan Printer for laying the floor plan considered Arduino Nano for laser rotation control, Mecanum Robot Movement control, Mini MCU module for laser module, app communication control, and .NET/C# based user control app on Windows tablet for loading floor plan and controlling

Product use case: Real Estate, Building, and Construction site floors

IoT-based Germination Lab Temperature Monitoring System:

End-to-end implementation of IoT-controlled system for germination to monitor the critical parameters in the lab. Measurement nodes for measuring temperature, humidity, and light intensity and the Raspberry Pi-based gateway collects the information from each measurement node through BLE connectivity.

Product use case: Laboratories

IoT based Server Room Temperature Monitoring System:

End to end implementation of the product while considering KL25Z based temperature measurement nodes operating on a coil cell, FRDM-KL25Z platform based gateway, Ethernet connectivity add-on to FRDM board, ThingSpeak cloud interface, and 2.4GHz NRF24L01 wireless connectivity for node-gateway communication

Product use case: Server rooms, Data centers, UPS & Battery rooms, cold storages, Food industries, pharmaceutical, Bio-Medical, Logistics, Warehouses, Hospitals, Machinery Rooms

Wi-Fi smart power socket:

End-to-end implementation of the product using Arduino IDE and ESP-12 Wi-Fi MCU module for power control, internet connectivity, and ACS-712 Hall-effect sensor for current measurement

Product use case: For Smart home appliances (Lights, smart thermostats, Television/computers, refrigerator, washing machines)

Indoor Navigation/Positioning system (IPS):

Indoor positioning system (IPS) enable locating the position of people within the buildings. IPS operates on a single 3.0 volts CR2032 coin cell. The device is attached to the foot of a person navigating within the premises. IPS paired with a mobile device that is running an IPS application over a BLE connection. End-users receive coordinates from time to time on the application

Product use case: Multistory buildings, airports, alleys, parking garages, and underground locations

Paint Pal:

Using the IoT-based paint pal users can witness the actual effect of the color before painting it on the wall. The device was developed using microcontrollers programming using Arduino IDE and a mobile app to select the color from the stored catalog.

Product use case: Real estate, interior designers

Medical Diagnostic Products

Body Composition Analysis (For Live small animals and Humans):

Designed and developed end-to-end body composition analysis product right from the beginning that includes RF Circuit design, microcontrollers, DSPs, FPGA Programming, magnet shimming, and NMR algorithm development. Body Composition Analysis Analyzers deliver precise body composition measurements of fat, lean, free water, and total water masses in live animals. Scanning takes 0.5 – 3.2 minutes, depending on the precision options.

Product use case: Laboratories

Analytical Instruments – Other Projects

Biomedical Projects

  • Webcam eye ball mouse device for communication to PC
  • EOG based device for wireless communication via Bluetooth to PC
  • Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Diagnostic Audiometer
  • Teaching Software for Hearing Impaired Patients
  • Programmable Digital Hearing Aid
  • Health Monitoring Systems
  • Digital Hearing Aid
  • Ultrasound Vibro-Tactile Aid for Profound Hearing Loss Patients.
  • EEG-Based Transcutaneous Functional Electrical Stimulation for Grasp Neuroprosthesis
  • Digital Signal Processing of EEG signals
  • ECG data acquisition system

MATLAB Projects

  • Signal processing Application GUI using MATLAB to demonstrate Filtering of signals
  • Video processing Application GUI using MATLAB to demonstrate live video processing
  • Image processing Application using MATLAB to Identify Number Plate of Vehicles

Power Electronics Projects

  • XYZ ROBOT using Linear Actuators for the measurement of Magnetic field
  • Temperature Controller for Permanent Magnet
  • Magnetic Field Controller for Permanent Magnet
  • PID Temperature controller

Analytical Instrumentation Projects

  • Fluoride Measurement System
  • Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement System
  • Conductivity Measurement System
  • PH Measurement System
  • PC based Phono-cardio Graph
  • PC based DC Polarograph

System Software & Development Tools Projects

  • RTOS & BIOS BSP Porting
  • Low-level device drivers development
  • Eclipse-based IDE & Debugger for ARM Targets
  • MCU & Peripheral simulation models
  • Eclipse plugins for AI on Chip modules