How many people came in to your space today, and who are they?

Eliminate unauthorized entries, tail-gating and contact tracing with the uScann advanced artificially intelligent platform

The most reliable and scalable thermal scanning solution for enterprises and public spaces, offering.

  • Temperature scanning to Keep out infectious diseases
  • Facial recognition to Avoid tail-gating, theft, violence
  • Contact tracing to Ensure safe spaces and ensure safety
  • Reporting & Analytics to Derive any number of insights¬†

Affordable for All Businesses

and All Industries

Save on the cost of employing a person to manually screen every entry point at $400 per week, putting their lives at risk, with our hands-free scanner.

Offers single-source-of-truth

for all entry points

Compatible with existing systems and integrates with backend systems and more scanners as necessary, offering a single source of truth.

Optimize the use of Space and Keep Headcount

AI-based thermal imaging scanner for facial recognition, intelligent contact tracking, integration with biometric systems and customizable cloud-based analytics.

Automated, AI-powered Scanner for Safety & Security

Accurate and efficient temperature measurement with social distancing

Integrates with existing access control systems and scanners at other entry ports

AI-powered Facial Recognition which integrates with existing Security and back office systems

Highly cost-effective, self-service system, requiring no manual administration

Plug & Play Do It Yourself (DIY) set up with customizable features and instant alerts

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