Temperature Monitoring

Automated real time temperature monitoring solution in compliance with HACCP & EPA standards

Many facilities rely on temperature-sensitive assets to provide high-quality products. Maintaining appropriate temperature is key to reducing loss and increase in revenue. DataChip IoT based automated temperature monitoring is the right choice for monitoring the temperature of your assets. Our product is trusted by hospitals, hotels, retail and foodservice providers worldwide.

How does it work?

  • Sensors are zip-tied into refrigeration units for 24/7 temperature monitoring.
  • Temperature thresholds are set via the application.
  • An alert notification is instantly sent to designated contacts via SMS text message when temperatures fall out of the preset range.

What is included in the DataChip Temperature Monitoring Solution?

  • Temperature sensor
  • Cellular or Ethernet Gateway
  • Mobile App and Web Dashboard License
  • Installation, Initial Configuration, and Training

 Key Features

Our product has forward-thinking features that protect your assets. When users implement our temperature monitoring solution, they can:

  • Alerts – Get real-time reporting and instant SMS text message alerts for around-the-clock
  • Remote monitoring – Monitor temperatures round the clock with our iOS, android and web apps
  • Corrective Actions – Instantly document the action taken to resolve alerts
  • Users – Easily setup and configure as many users and locations as necessary
  • Increased compliance – Receive daily PDF reports that can be used for the regulatory compliance

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