Touchless Identification and Authorization

DataChip’s Smart and Efficient Touchless identification and authorization system enables employees, visitors to streamline the hassle-free check-in and checkout process. Our device uses advanced facial recognition techniques, COVID Vaccination status, and COVID test results to authenticate employees or visitors to the premises.
In addition, a prebuilt rules-based engine allows users to apply business rules on the above parameters such as “Allow”, “Deny” and “Secondary Check Required” etc., Further users get real-time employee and visitor reports and analytics. Manage multiple entry points & locations from a centralized dashboard.
Our device can be used across corporate, factory, schools, residential apartments, hospitals, hotels, events, businesses, offices, and many more businesses

What is unique about our Touchless Identification and Authorization System?

• Controlled & secured access based on the pre-verified identity

• Employees or visitors can enter into the premises only if he is authorized

• Complete real-time monitoring of the visitor/employee from entry to exit

• Able to capture employees/visitors temperature and face mask during entry and exit to the premises

• In-built emergency response system i.e. any unauthorized, restricted persons tries to make an entry to the premises then system alerts the concerned people

• Complete privacy for invitees/visitors

• Easily customizable, integrated to the in-house access system like door, turnstile access system

• Complete flexibility to devise access rules, including varying levels of security

• Easily configurable based on the user requirements

Make your office COVID Ready using our Touchless Identification and Authorization System

Visitor/Employee access to the premises can be managed based on the below parameters. Accordingly, the system can restrict employee/visitor entry and raise alarms in real-time.

  • COVID Vaccination status
  • Facial recognition
  • Temperature reading
  • COVID Test Results
  • Face Mask
Analytics and Reporting


Get insights into employee/visitor walk-in volume and generate reports based on the temperature readings, COVID vaccination status, COVID test results, and face mask. These insights enable enterprises to implement required protocols at the premises.

Hardware Integration

Our touchless authentication system can easily integrate into any access control system. This key feature enables us to differentiate from others and uniquely placed to offer you whatever you need to secure your business premises and maximize operational efficiency.