The Smartest, CDC-compliant Temperature Monitoring Platform

Safely resume operations screening employees and visitors for the post-COVID-19 world, with Datachip’s uScann platform

Proudly Designed and Developed in USA

Contact Free Scans

Eliminate health risks with our Contact-Free, Non-Invasive, automated temperature checks as opposed to Human-Administered hand held manual temperature screenings

No More Uncomfortable Employees or Visitors

Manual temperature screening takes at least 45 seconds to 1 minute and makes both screener and the employees uncomfortable. Our ultra fast temperature checks are completed under 2 seconds without any human intervention provides a great entry experience while making them feel safe

Screen Ten Employees or Thousands at the Same Time

Deploy one device or multiple devices to keep up with the employee or visitor volume. Scalable and connected devices make it easy to scan thousands of shift based employees

Save Money While Providing a Safer Environment

It costs $375 per day or more for manual temperature screening to be administered at the entry on a single gate through an outsourced resource. Your Investment in uScann pays for it-self in a few days while providing extra benefits

Accuracy Driven By Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Unlike competitors who rely solely on hardware for temperature measurements, our solution is powered by Facial Recognition and Artificial intelligence software. Our Software ensures optimal environment for the subject to measure the temperature with high accuracy

Customize With uScann APIs

We understand that every business is different and they have unique needs. Our Open, Cloud native and extensible architecture enables easy integration with your existing systems and provides custom workflows. One of our partners implemented a “Denial Entry Letter” workflow in just 3 days

User Friendly Design And Functionality

Our custom portal allows users to analyze data from their device with comprehensive visual displays, graphs, and charts.

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The clients who trust in us – to ensure their safety.

“Our employees had concerns returning to work due to COVID-19 escalations in our area. We spoke to them and their safety was our priority. We implemented the Return to Work program by Healthper for our employees and visitors. Over the last two months, we have seen employee confidence built up, and now we are running our facility at full production capacity. The ease of use of the program, its implementation process, and support has been outstanding.”

Case Study – School

Spot a fever and keep it away

Case Study – Genfare

Scan body temperature, hands-free

Case Study – Chill Passion

Resume operations without stress

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