It’s crucial to help treat, isolate or hospitalize people who are infected. Testing also is important in the bigger public health picture on mitigation efforts, helping investigators characterize the prevalence, spread and contagiousness of the disease.

The lockdown is a way to implement state-enforced social distancing. The keyword in the ongoing corona episode is social distancing. The virus spread through person-to-person contact, and the only way to limit its spread is to identify the people who got affected. With proper screening and lockdown of the affected person, the virus can be eradicated within 14 days. Below are a list if links which highlight the importance of COVID testing and screening. Please visit this page for regular updates.

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Here are a few links to various papers that were published on the subject of COVID-19 Testing to back up the importance of COVID-19 Testing as well as COVID-19 Screening.

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