Legacy Application Modernization Services

Reinvent your processes for better customer acquisition

Legacy systems cost a lot to maintain while making it impossible to achieve better agility, efficiency, productivity, security, and innovation

Businesses are hindered by entrenched legacy systems that cannot be patched, refuse to be customized, and highly susceptible to malware. Avoid paying for that prohibitively expensive cyber risk insurance policy. Legacy systems cost a lot to maintain while making it impossible to achieve better agility, efficiency, productivity, security, and innovation. Mobile technologies, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or digital transformation are all-alien to legacy technology. Security breaches lead to business and reputation losses, which could affect business continuity itself. Stop losing money and switch to a better system today!

DataChip brings you the necessary expertise to make the transition to new technologies and a better business income. Open the door to new opportunities, with cloud computing, mobile apps, and IoT adoption. Our Application Modernization services help you eliminate the risk of obsolete systems and migrate them to modern cloud-first, micro services-based solutions. Our services include

Consultancy services

Based on our system re-engineering knowledge and market knowledge, we give you advice on which platform to upgrade and which technology to move to. We also give a path for upgrading to a more contemporary system.

Technology upgrade services

Our technology upgrade services ensure that you replace your system running on old technology with modern-day technology, therefore making your software more robust and scalable

Application modernization

Application modernization through lightweight code, architecture modifications for integration and scalability, more organized databases, and a lot more aesthetically attractive and adaptable user interface experience

Cloud transformation services

Cloud transformation services guarantee that you effortlessly transition from locally hosted apps to the cloud, allowing you to reap the benefits of high accessibility, security, and scalability for your applications

Our system engineers carefully analyze your current system, custom applications, and reporting needs before modernizing them and believe that DataChip delivers more value than its costs. We are confident that if you choose our services, you will agree.

Benefits you will gain with our Application Modernization Services

  • Lower Maintenance Costs with increased ROI
  • Faster Go-to-market with enhanced performance
  • Improves customer service
  • Agile, Scalable, and secure application with changing business need
  • Improved stakeholder acceptability and confidence

Tipping Point for an Upgrade:

  • Your application is slowing down both your business processes and staff
  • Your production capabilities cannot scale up because of your software
  • You are losing out on mobility, accessibility, and connectivity to the cloud
  • You are missing out on adopting new apps and tools to improve business
  • You need an updated software to revamp your business processes/model
  • Your system offers a terrible user experience and users have a hard time
  • Your IT hardware, infrastructure, risk insurance costs are skyrocketing
  • Your vendor discontinued maintenance and support for your software
  • You find the costs of training new staff to operate the software increasing
  • You potentially risk a security breach, lost data, reputation, and business

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